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Inside My Mind

7 Days of Sex

Day 1: Make the boring missionary position more interesting.

Stack a pillow or two below your back to allow a easier access for him and this should lead to a deeper penetration and hopefully an orgasm.

Day 2: Seeing is everything so go out and buy a sexy lingerie that he will love.

I mean something that will require a scissor maybe...

Day 3: Oral Foreplay

Aim: No Vaginal Penetration using penis.

Today is all about using your mouth and him using his and fingers. 

Who will Cum more.

Day 4: "Let me Fuck with you with my Heels on" 

No comments here....speaks for it self and for those who enjoy a good backshot.....

Yep....I look forward to trying this

Day 5: Dirty Text

Tell him what he can expect tonight....try something new....‚Äč

Raining outside....why not be adventurous too

Day 6: Sex against the wall

Memories: Okay this I can testify to because believe me it is an extremely intense rush....

He pushes you up against the wall and starts kissing your neck...down your shoulder bones and on your spine....

Wow...the thought alone is making me want to try this over and over again....

Even though it can be tricky, once he is inside of you....pushing up against that wall...the thought alone makes me want to explode

Day 7: Taking it Slow

Today is all about taking it slow and appreciating each other....instead of the fast pace strokes....

Take it slow, try positions that allow you to see each other while enjoying the sensations, the feelings, the touches....

Watch each other cum.....