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Inside My Mind

Summer "To-DO" List

Hello Guys,

So I have made a Summer Resolution! Make Hay while the Sun Shines! 

I challenge all my readers to attempt at least three things from my Summer "To Do" List!

We all deserve to have these moments!

Try One Night Stand (if your single) 

Try a New Sex Position

Try a New Toy and include your partner

FYI: This isn't your normal tie & get F&*k!

Try a New Venue for sex; Be Adventurous

- The Beach, The Roof, Your Parents' Bedroom and maybe the Car

Send Dirty Text to him/her telling your 

partner what you want them to do to you

Role Play

Let your imagination go wild!

Throw in some sex dice!

One Night Stand with a Stranger

(Risky but Fun!

Try at your own conscience)

Weekend Sex-Cation!

Book a Weekend at a Villa and stay in 

indoors reacquainting yourselves with each other's body

Date Night: Get that sexy dress out & shave all that needs shaving and have fun!

Send the Kids to friend or family member!

(Only for Busy Couples)

Just have fun this Summer!

Whether have an Orgasm or two, Squirt for the 1st time or have some great safe adventurous & memorable sex!